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At Freeport Travel, our passion is to create a vacation filled with a lifetime of memories while keeping your budget in mind. We cater to all preferences - whether it be a river cruise to the Danube, a family reunion in Disney World or a romantic honeymoon on Caribbean shores.

We know "how" to travel. This means keeping safe. Where to go but where NOT to go is just as important. We stay informed of current events that may affect your travel plans.

Freeport Travel has something to fulfill everyones' dreams. Call us today to begin planning your next memory.

Biography: Freeport Travel, LLC is a family-based business. With more than 25 years of combined experience in the travel industry, we proudly serve you, your family and friends with planning all those details which will create the vacation you envision.

Our family treasures the memories from travelling the globe. Horse back riding on Punta Cana's beaches, a royal flush on Three Card Poker in St. Kitts casino (and no taxes in international waters!). Cruising over Halloween in full costume with our entire family! Witnessing Kristina and Rob's wedding on Jamaica's white sandy beaches.

There's a whole great big world out there to explore...let us show you!

Top Destinations: Imagine.... Dinner and drinks in Jamaica - while taking in the sights of cliff diving at sunset. Swimming in crystal-clear waters with dolphins and sting rays. Enjoying brunch with your children, grandchildren and a cast of characters in Disney's Magic Kingdom castle. Exploring the majestic castles of Ireland and the cultural elements that transport you to a simpler way of life. Feel the energy as you watch "the most exciting two minutes in sports", placing a bet, and sipping a cold Mint Julep at the Kentucky Derby. Domestic or international...travel is our expertise. We can take you there!

Specialties: From engagement to honeymoon – travel can play a key role in making these moments even more special. Let our event coordinating and travel planning make your trip all the better. Planning a destination wedding? We have been fortunate to have helped many couples and their families share their amazing love stories on some of the world's most beautiful beaches. Creating your "dream wedding" no matter how elaborate or simple you want to make it - we can help. And on a personal note - we have "been there done that". We loved it and cherish those memories! Want to coordinate a group trip? But not sure where to begin? Let us free up your time and eliminate the guesswork for you. Simplify things by letting us know what you're looking for and we do the rest! Vacations are meant to be stress free. That is where Freeport Travel comes in.

Recent Trips: Our family treasures the memories from travelling the globe. The breath taking view of Kauai's waterfalls that could never be duplicated in photographs. How unforgettable...zip lining through the rain forest in Costa Rica. Seeing the panoramic view from a luxury train car in Denali National Park. Spending a memorable New Year's Eve on the Vegas strip. Dancing on Main Street in Disney during Mickey's Christmas Spectacular. Crossing the pond and watching the changing of the guard in front of the Buckingham Palace. There's a whole world out there to explore...let us show you!

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